This is the start.

So. I gave in.

I got a blog.

I’m usually a little late on all things technological. This is especially true as of late. But I got a blog.

Why? Because I’m a heretic.

Allow me to explain: I’m a Biblical and Theological Studies senior. I’ve spent the bulk of my college career studying the Bible, the Church, and just about everything else related to these. And I’ve learned a lot.

Including that the Church doesn’t really follow Jesus anymore.

That’s my aim in life. I want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. I long for that kind of lifestyle. But when I look at the Church, I see a group that pulls small bits of Scripture out of the Bible and makes it say whatever that group wants.

That’s not what following Jesus is about. Not that I have any clue what it is about, but I’m certain that wasn’t the point.

This is me, trying to figure out what is.


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