***UPDATE: Somebody decided to pay this off in full for us. So praise Jesus. I’d take this down, but I feel like I need to leave this up as a testament to God’s faithfulness.***

Dear friends,

I come to you in great need.

A few months ago, my husband had to go to the hospital. For three stitches. Which ended up costing us about $400.

We haven’t been able to pay the bills yet. We still can’t afford them. We’re barely breaking even each week. And they’re about to be turned over to a collections agency.

I know there’s only twelve or so of you, and I know most of you don’t know me.

You have no real reason to care whether or not we can pay our bills. And if you don’t care, that’s fine.

But if you do–and you have a little money to spare–we could really use your help.

Please, if you can find it in your heart to give, do.

With gratitude,



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